I LIVE on Vacation

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Friends and clients ask me why I work 7 days a week and why I do not go on "vacation."  I tell them that I LIVE on vacation. Living in Port Royal and the Beaufort area is just like living on vacation.  My "job" is to take new comers on tour of the area -- over the intra-coastal waterway properties -- to the restaurants on the Beaufort waterfront park -- eating the best local seafood including shrimp, oysters, fish and hush puppies while listening to the local bands. Don't forget the boat rides up and down the many water ways, even through the middle of the town of Port Royal and the City of Beaufort.

The sea breezes blow from the southwest and the beautiful sunrises are visible as you cross the bridges.  You can take pictures of the sunsets over Battery Creek and Port Royal Sound and never experience the same one twice. Our area has the deepest natural harbor on the Atlantic Ocean and the elevation of Port Royal in most places is over 20 feet.  You will never tire of living in Port Royal. I moved in 1956, do you need more than to say,  "I'm moving NOW."